Auto Salloni ALBERTI

Auto saloon ALBERTI is one of the main companies on selling of vehicles in Kosovo.

The ALBERTI company was established in 1999 by Skender and Enver brothers from Vushtria.In the beginning the company had been dealing with selling and buying of vehicles,at that time the most sold vehicles were from made of Germany ,such were :Wolkswagen,Mercedes and Opel.

In meantime, the company increases its sale potential and manages to create a large assortment of offered vehicles.From now on, at company's saloon you can find a large veriety of well known vehicles of various trends and of high caliber. Thanks to reliability and correctness, currently the number of clients has been growing enormously not just in Kosovo but beyond it.After, to some analyses of feasibility done by experts, the company decided to change its residency and remove to Prishtina.

Pas një analize të fizibilitetit nga ana ekspertëve, menaxhmenti i kompanisë vendosi që në vitin 2009 të transferohet me seli në Prishtinë.

Gjatë dy viteve të punimeve intensive, ne dhjetor të vitit 2011, hapet solemnisht qendra bashkëkohore për shitjen e automjeteve në Prishtinë. Një objekt impozant dhe ultramodern me të gjitha kushtet optimale për ushtrimin e kësaj veprimtarie, ku ofrohen edhe shërbimet e servisimit nga ana e stafit të palodhshëm dhe profesional, me aparaturë bashkëkohore si dhe me auto pjesë origjinale nga prodhuesit evropian dhe botëror. Gjithashtu, në dispozicion është edhe restaurant-bar në shërbim të klientëve.

Sot, kompania bën shitjen e prodhimeve të të gjithë prodhuesve kryesorë evropiane dhe botëror të veturave.

Mission and Vision

Our work is build on the bridges of reliability among our clients,and,our main goal is to offer the best quality of our vehicles in reasonable price.We want to be a leader company in Kosovo on vehicle's selling.

Our motto is:We are a place of your vehicle.

Why You Should Chooce The Alberti Auto Saloon ?

Why,50% of our clients are returning back to us ,for asking to buy a car again,after the first purchase!

Well, we're here to make you to do your best choice with reasonable price.aAnd, it's up to you to define the time and availability. Auto saloon ALBERTI makes possible to choose your future vehicle by using our new web site through internet,and you can chose any of the vehicle you like from the well known European Saloons.However, we are able in a very short time to bring to you, your desired vehicle.
Of course you won't miss neither advice nor suggestion from our experts, while you're selecting your future car,you'll be able even to test and make driving test in the Saloon

You will probably come back to us to our reliability!

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